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Take Away Hunger Day is a fundraiser event run by Feed The Hungry to reduce global hunger. Partnering with Australian Christian radio stations, thousands of children are guaranteed a nutritious meal for a whole month thanks to each Take Away Hunger Day.

Feed The Hungry is responsible for delivering meal packages to schools around the world, working to feed and nurture starving children in body, mind, and spirit. Take Away Hunger Day is focused on providing aid to refugee children in Uganda who were driven out of South Sudan by war and conflict; check out where else we serve.

Full Life Program visual: Monochrome orange pie chart with three equal sections, one with a rice bowl, one with a brain, and one with a bible (symbolising the goal of feeding the hunger of the body, soul and spirit).

More than a meal,
it’s providing a future!

For every $6, one hungry child will not have to worry about their next meal for a whole month.

All they need to think about is coming to school. They attend their classes and the prospect of a guaranteed warm lunch is incentive enough to stay, giving them the opportunity to develop their education and allow them to hope for a brighter future. Simultaneously, the meals are filled with important nutrients and vitamins to encourage growth and helps them focus in class, helping them to learn. They also have the chance to hear the Gospel message and know peace, to live a full life in body, mind, and spirit!

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Feed The Hungry logo in orange and grey. "FEED THE HUNGRY" is big and bold, with "LeSEA Global in smaller font in the top left, and our motto "A full life feels good™" in the bottom right.
"Take Away Hunger Day" orange tape logo

This year we’re excited to announce our
partnership with Christian Media & Arts Australia!

With over 40 community radio stations and other Christian media organisations nation-wide, we can make a bigger difference like never before.

Join us on Thursday 24th August 2023 to make sure refugee children in Uganda don’t have to worry about their next meal.

Why your support matters

Food supplies are ready. We just need to pay for delivery.

With your help, we can make sure nutritious meal packages are delivered to the hungry refugee children in Uganda. Children who were forced to flee their homes and make the perilous journey to the refugee camps in Uganda, leaving behind the life they knew and forced to begin anew.

Children like Kuol, Joan and Margaret. Check out their stories:

It is thanks to our partners in the field and our supporters (you!) that these children have the chance to live a brighter, fuller life.

$6 is enough to provide a month-worth of lunches to one child. What can you do to help?

How you can help?

1 in 10 people are suffering from hunger worldwide (United Nations 2022), only made worse by the pandemic which affected supply chains.

We are doing our part to fight hunger, to provide a stable food supply in rural areas, and work to support those who may be overlooked by not living near city centres. We have the food and we have the distribution partners, we just need to get the food there.

Together, we can make a difference.

With $6, you can help us provide a nutritious meal to a child for a whole month.

Tune in to your local Christian radio and join us as we work to take away hunger!

Hear testimonies from Uganda and from the Feed The Hungry team, and listen in for live updates.

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