“I am very concern that my church, my children, are dying of hunger before I return and I want you to do something about it.”

God’s calling to Sumrall

Our founder, Dr Lester Sumrall, heard God’s calling to feed the hungry in 1987. He dedicated himself to doing the Lord’s work, alleviating suffering and bringing hope to some of the most hungry and desperate places in the world.

With God at the centre, Sumrall created Feed The Hungry to fulfil the need. He led by example, and dedicated his birthday (Feb 15th) to pray over our team, our mission, and the families we are feeding.

We now have a tradition of prayer during the month of February. While we pray over our work, we invite you to send us a prayer request and we will include you in our prayers. We would be honoured to do so!

You are also welcome to join us! We have provided some prompts if you would like to pray for our team and our work: