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    Help us say Yes Again to Twice as Many Children

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Help us say Yes Again to Twice as Many Children

A few weeks ago, Bob Boucek was visiting families at the Rhino reception camp on the northern border of Uganda. Among the families resting under trees in the heat of the day is this young mother and her new-born baby.

“This is Mary she is two weeks old. Mary was born a few weeks ago in the middle of the fighting in Sudan. This kinda reminds me of Jesus… Jesus too was a refugee.” shares Bob quietly in the video so he doesn’t wake this precious bundle. “When Jesus was a child his parents had to flee… Mary and Joseph had to flee to Egypt for safety… And so this Mary has had to flee to Uganda for safety.”

Rose is safe, but life is very difficult in the camp. There is a shortage of both food and water in a camp hastily erected to house over 50,000 Sudanese refugees. This is just one story among many of precious children who are suffering so much and have so much potential. Children who, because they are born in the wrong place and the wrong time, are suffering.

The situation in South Sudan grows worse and we are overwhelmed by the number of refugees.
We have to say ‘no’ to some in need. But a special Matching Grant means donations given today will double!

I will help you say YES again!


Sudanese Refugee Children in Crisis

At the beginning of 2016, the number of Sudanese refugee arrivals was less than 100 per day. Throughout the year it began to rise, over one hundred, then two hundred, three hundred, then four hundred refugees arriving every single day. When violence broke out in July, panic struck and the numbers sky-rocketed to an average of 2,309 women, children and elderly people per day.

On the 6th November 2016, the UN published an alarming report about the number of refugees that have crossed the border this month. In just 6 days 22,479 refugees have crossed the border, that makes the number of people making a daily crossing, on average, 3,747.

The total number of Sudanese refugees that have sought refugee in Uganda has reached an alarming 546,359!

The UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, has asked for our help to provide enough meals so that all of these new refugee children can be fed. Your support is needed to help make that happen. It’s something we must do. We must show the love of Jesus to all of these kids – not just some.

I want to help feed refugee children in Uganda