Feed The Hungry is dedicated to providing nutritious meals where it’s needed most. Thanks to our partners and supporters, we are able to regularly deliver truckloads of meal packages around the world to some of the most isolated and vulnerable people we can reach.

According to the United Nations, about 1 in 10 people worldwide are suffering from hunger (2022), and we are doing our part to reduce global hunger.

We believe that everyone deserves to live a full life. To know what it feels like to live without hunger, without illness, without fear. To believe that their life matters and that they too can hope for a better future.

We’re proud of our Full Life program! We have developed long-term partnerships with local schools and churches who receive the meal packages to distribute to some of the world’s hungriest children. Thanks to our Full Life Monthly Partners, we can offer these children have an opportunity to live a full life.

When we ensure that they receive a hot meal filled with important nutrients and vitamins to help them grow, gone is the empty hunger pain for the day as their belly is full. When these children are encouraged to stay in school due to their guaranteed lunch, they are more receptive to learning important knowledge and skills and be more mindful. And with the chance to know Jesus Christ, they can understand God’s love and hear the gospel, growing more spiritful.

Because a full life feels good.

Our Field Reports

Overview of the past few months.
Includes country spotlights and announcements.

Our Annual Reports

Overview of the whole year.
Includes our vision, country spotlights, and financial summaries.


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