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fthaust-post-nov30dThe number of daily arrivals fluctuates with the conditions in DRC and South Sudan.

At the Rwamwanja camp Feed The Hungry is active at every primary school in the Settlement. We thus feed all children that will come to primary school – and a huge number of pre-school age children as well.

In the north, the South Sudanese exodus began in Dec 2013 (outbreak of hostilities) and peaked in April/May 2014 with 400+ new arrivals per day at Kiryandongo.

As in Rwamwanja, we are operating at every primary school in the camp so all children are served.

We saw a rapid increase in numbers at both camps which challenged our ability to get food to the camps and also to staff the feeding centers.

The on-going burden of feeding 22,000+ children every day is significant.  The numbers have leveled off but the magnitude of these operations, the distance from Kampala, the remote location and primitive conditions under which staff must live and minister – all combine to challenge the capacity of Feed The Hungry/Feed The Hungry East Africa logistically and financially.

These programs require 2 to 3 containers per month – in addition to the shipments to IGF in Kitgum.

And that this is not a short-term response.  We feed these kids every day. They are not going back any time soon.  GoU/UN SoP is to plan on a five year residency at minimum.

We have undertaken a large spiritual outreach in Rwamwanja and have planted five churches as a result.  In Kiryandongo four churches have been planted.

The ministry of the Gospel has not been neglected at all.  Our focus remains the same as ever and all involved are intentional in this ministry.


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