I don’t want anyone to hit me.

fthaust-post-nov30c“Today is one of those days for me that has marked a moment in my heart and mind that will never be forgotten.” says Kendra Doutt, missionary in Nicaragua.

“This day will forever change my perspective of child hunger. While sitting at breakfast across from a 9 year old boy I asked if he would like more food and he said ‘no’ with his words but I could tell he wanted more.

I asked ‘Are you sure?’ and he said ‘I don’t want anyone to hit me.’ I said, ‘No one would ever hit you for eating when you are hungry.’

He responded, ‘Yes they do, they do to us all the time. If we haven’t eaten in days and we can’t take it anymore and we ask for food in our home they hit us. They have nothing to give us and they don’t want to be reminded about it.’

My heart breaks for the children that suffer from hunger and the mothers and fathers that struggle to survive and provide for their families. Thank God we will be able to send these beautiful children to their local church’s feeding center when they get home from camp. Thanks to Feed the Hungry! Please pray with us for God to pour out His blessings upon Nicaragua.”