Urgently calling friends to help hunger crisis in Karamoja.

Karamoja is one of the poorest, most neglected and lawless regions in Northern Uganda. Violent cattle raiders are robbing drought-hit farmers of their livestock and killing hundreds of people, causing widespread insecurity in the region. Even owning oxen to plow here is dangerous – it makes farmers a target for deadly attack.

Now, more than half a million people are going hungry in this rural region located between South Sudan and Kenya. Aid worker Pastor Solomon has just returned from a Feed The Hungry food aid distribution in Karamoja. He says: “You would not believe how bad it is. Children are dying from hunger.”

There were boys who could not even walk… when one of them ate food, he collapsed and fainted for three hours because the body could not handle food. The situation is desperate, they have nothing to help themselves, and they are dying.

When you are in countries like Australia and New Zealand, consider that there are people here in Uganda who don’t even know where the next meal is going to come from, so I appeal to you to be generous.

Pastor Solomon

I am deeply concerned about the hunger crisis in Karamoja, and am committed to providing assistance to families in need. I believe that no one should go hungry, they should all have a full life.

We’re trucking in urgent food supplies but it’s barely enough. We must send more. Just $30 can feed a desperate family for a month.

Together, we can make a difference and help to ensure that the most vulnerable in Karamoja have access to the food they need to survive; because we all deserve that.

Stefan Radelich

Chairman, Feed The Hungry

Can you help children and families in Karamoja battling to survive a severe hunger crisis in one of Uganda’s poorest and most lawless regions?