Children in the Karamoja region of Uganda are desperately hungry.

I wrote recently asking you to help save the lives of vulnerable children in Karamoja. The children are so hungry they need as much help as we can send.

If you have made a donation recently, we are very grateful. If you haven’t or can help further by making a tax deductible donation before 30 June, we would be deeply thankful as the need is so great.

The elders tell that one in five people died in the 1980 drought, sixty percent of them being infants. Crops failed and people were reduced to eating roots. Sadly, those times are returning. People are skin and bones, with infants and the elderly dying. In just one district 1,500 have perished so far.

Karamoja has the most visible malnutrition I’ve ever seen in Uganda.

Ps. Solomon

On top of that, society is breaking down as one group steals from another to survive. Things are getting desperate.

While people are desperate for food, they are also responding to the Gospel. Seeing churches make the journey to their rural region to help keep their children and people alive, has opened a wide door for the Word of God and the work of the church.

Ugandan churches from the south are reaching out to help their northern neighbours, but they need more food. Your gift will save lives and build bridges with the local people. In time, our church friends will build schools and churches in the area, but for now, they need food just to keep the people alive.

I am deeply concerned about the hunger crisis in Karamoja, and am committed to providing assistance to families in need. No child should go hungry.

Especially when just $30 can feed a desperate family for a month. Together, we can make a difference and help to ensure that the most vulnerable in Karamoja have access to the food they need to survive.

I believe that when we provide food in schools and take the opportunity to share Jesus – that child is enjoying a full life. And everybody deserves a full life.

Stefan Radelich

Chairman, Feed The Hungry

Happy are those who are concerned
for the poor; the Lord will help them
when they are in trouble.

Psalm 41:1