Deadly hunger in Karamoja

When starvation comes, every single morsel of food is precious.

This is the reality of the Karamoja region, located in Northeast Uganda. Raiders stealing cattle, COVID closing routes, drought killing the crops.

Deep hunger has set in, and it is deadly.

But with the help of Ps Solomon, we can make a powerful difference. So far, 100 tonnes of food have arrived in Karamoja, feeding nearly 40,000 people!

Until the rain comes back, they still need our support.

For $12 you can deliver a sack of food to feed a family for a week!

Photo of a group of people unloading a truck full of food supplies in white sacks with the orange Feed The Hungry East Africa logo. Focused and in centre is one Karamoja local holding two sacks in both arms and grinning broadly as they take it away.