Send food to Karamoja

Photo of family in Karamoja receiving a FTH food supply sack!
Photo of five African adults preparing portions of food, the person in the middle is our partner Ps Solomon Mwesige

Ps. Solomon pictured in blue shirt

When starvation comes,
every single morsel of food is precious.

That’s the way it is right now in the Karamoja region of Northeast Uganda. Raiders stole the cattle in 2019, taking away the meat and milk the villagers rely on. Then came COVID shut-downs and drought. The crops failed and hunger set in.

It’s still going today. Many have died.

With the help of our partner, Pastor Solomon Mwesige, Feed The Hungry has been able to deliver over 100 tonnes of food to almost 40,000 people living in Karamoja!

But it is not over yet. We still need your help to provide food to one of the places it’s needed most.

For $12, you can deliver a sack of food that will feed a family for a week. That works out at 20 cents to feed one person for a day.