The food is supplied to us for free. All we ask is your help to ship it.

One in three Ukraine people have lost their home due to war. The Ukraine government and international aid groups help millions with food and shelter. But many in war zones and hard to reach places still go hungry.

You can deliver food to them through the Feed the Hungry network of church friends and missionaries. The food is supplied to us free. We just need your help to ship it. For $1 you can deliver $7 of food, which will feed a family of five for a day. And $20 delivers enough food to feed 100 people for a day!

Since the war began last March, over 1.3 million kilograms of food and relief supplies have been distributed to grateful people, along with prayer and encouragement. With your help we will continue to deliver it to people camped out in churches, basements and the homes of welcoming neighbours.

Food is shipped to church networks in Poland, Romania and Moldova who feed, hug and pray for refugees coming across the border. They take them in their homes and help them find their way to safe places. Kindness means so much to those experiencing such difficulty.

In Ukraine, brave men and women fill cars with food and drive along Ukrainian backroads to people hunkered down in dangerous places, too sick or elderly to leave. On the return trip they fill their car with people and drive them to safety. We are so grateful to these heroes who continue doing these dangerous trips to feed those who are unable to feed themselves.

The food you send keeps hope alive for those who have lost homes, friends and relatives. Many women left husbands and sons behind in Ukraine to fight, while fleeing to safety with young children. They don’t know their future. But they see the church caring for them now, and that gives them hope in a God who cares.

Stefan Radelich

Chairman, Feed The Hungry

$4,800 ships an entire truckload of food to feed 200 families for a month.

P.S. When the Kakhovka Dam was recently destroyed by Russian forces, extensive flooding occurred in southern Ukraine. 10,000 people were displaced and are now without homes. 17,000 people were severely affected, many still trapped by floodwaters. Your generosity, and the hope it brings, are desperately needed right now.

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