Take Away Hunger Day 2023 update

Photo of Ugandan school children cheering, arms raised, one holding a bowl. Overlayed at the bottom is the orange tape 'Take Away Hunger Day 2023' logo and the text 'Over 146,000 children fed so far'

On the last day of my most recent Uganda trip, I visited the King Solomon’s Academy in the capital city of Kampala. Taking a moment to be a clown for the children I turned my mobile phone around to get some giggles from the children.

Today as I reflect on our recent Take Away Hunger Day success, I’m overjoyed to announce that over 145,351 were fed through the efforts of Christian Media across Australia.

Receiving a hot and nutritious meal when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, is an answer to prayer. Thank you for helping us reach refugees in some of the remote parts of Uganda.

Children are chanting Take Away Hunger Day in gratitude and excitement across Uganda. Thank you partners, supporters and friends.

~ Ben Evans, Director