Donor Testimonies for Take Away Hunger Day 2023

Take Away Hunger Day was on Thursday 24th August this year, and we’re proud to be partnered with Christian Media & Arts Australia. Thanks to CMAA, more radio stations than ever hosted Take Away Hunger Day in one, powerful effort to make sure refugee children in Uganda will not have to worry about their next meal for a whole month!

With the support coming from all over Australia, we surpassed our goal and now over 147,000 children will have a warm and nutritious meal for a whole month, provided at their local schools to also encourage their education.

Thank you all!

Throughout the day, we received many short testimonies from donors participating in Take Away Hunger Day and we wanted to share some of them with you.

“I grew up with nothing, I know the feeling of going to bed with an empty stomach. This amount I’m giving might not make a difference to me now but it can make a huge impact on these children.”

Solomon, WA

“I have two grandkids who don’t have to think where their next meal is coming from, and it breaks my heart hearing about these little kids, so I’d love to make sure they’re fed and nourished.”


“God bless you in this wonderful work in bringing hope where there was none. You shine the light of God’s love & many will be saved both physically & spiritually because of you.”

Nell, VIC

“We have such an abundance of food. It breaks our hearts to think that these children who have suffered so much should go hungry as well. What an opportunity we have to do as Jesus would have us do. May God bless all involved.”

Ray & Del, QLD

“I enjoy my coffee. Local coffee shop charges $5.90 for a large coffee. To forego a coffee a month for 12 months sees a child fed for a year. This is not a big sacrifice. While we hear so much negative stuff, a medical professional with whom I have dealings was a refugee from Sudan arriving In Australia with his family at around the end of primary school age. This guy went on to be school captain in his final year of high school in a sizeable rural community. His siblings also have achieved in their lives. Keep up the good work. Blessings.”


β€œPraise the Lord for this important work feeding the hungry that these people are doing. I pray that no one should ever have to suffer with hunger, especially when in the western world we waste tons of good food on a daily basis. Come Lord Jesus come πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ’žπŸ’žβ€

Susan, QLD

β€œIt is such a privilege to be part of such a wonderful outreach. Children in Uganda deserve to be looked after as they are the future citizens. They have gifts to share with others that God has placed in each of them.”

Sharon, QLD

“It is a very good way that this support is provided as the children get an education as well as receiving food. God bless you all for putting it into place.”

Janet, TAS

“I was very encouraged to hear Pastor Solomon’s testimony. It’s wonderful to hear about all the help hungry children are receiving.”

Linda, WA

β€œGod bless you. We can’t physically do this ourselves but we can help those able to go feed the children. Communal acts of kindness by Christians will hopefully inspire some of those children to help others when they grow up.”

Pater & Yelena, VIC

β€œKeep up the great work. I wish I could give more but I know God can do amazing things with little. Just like the 5 loaves and 2 fish. God bless all.”

Nathan, WA

“Listening to a young man driven by dreams and who stepped up to take care of his mum and siblings spoke to my heart.”

Winnie, WA

“Every child deserves to have food, an education and to know how much God loves them and has a plan for their present and future. God bless those who are running this organisation and making this happen.”

Jenny, SA

“Ben (10 y/o) says ‘I know what it’s like to be a kid, and I’ve never had to worry about my next meal, but I can imagine it.’ Lucy (6 y/o) says ‘We want to help you a lot and we have decided that we are going to help you and we want to care for you as well. We can make a better place in this world!'”

Loredana, Ben & Lucy, VIC

“Just happy to support β€” I always want my 9 grandchildren fed, happy to help 9 refugee children!”


“I have donated $6 for every month I have been alive. They need this more than I do.”

Josh, VIC

“My job has taken me to refugee camps all around the world, and I have seen first hand the difference support like this makes β€” the joy from kids who get a full belly due to the support from people a world away.”

Rachelle, VIC

“We, the children of Lighthouse Christian College within the school bus, all put together to help out those in need and would love to support their cause.”

Students of Lighthouse Christian College, VIC

“Heard snippets in car today. We can all give, we have plenty. Whatever we can do to bring life & hope to the children. Encourage everyone to give it a go.”

Jane, NSW

“I appreciate the opportunity to have a conversation with my kids and how quick they were to want to give. The world’s issues can feel so overwhelming sometimes. So Grateful for this organisation being God’s hands and feet.”

Michelle, NSW

“As a high school student, I understand wholeheartedly the importance of being well fed in order to perform at the highest level you can. So if I can give what I can to ensure that other people like me can succeed and have a bright future, why shouldn’t I? This initiative is a wonderful cause to help the children of our generation to have the brightest future they can.”

Siena Mia, NSW