The peace here is amazing

Uganda-June-2014-29-oliverOlivier is from Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo and was working as a radio presenter when the M23 seized Goma. He was also a student at the University studying mathematics.

The M23 militia broke away from the Congolese government after the elections in 2011. Rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda alleged voting irregularities and led a mutiny of 300 troops beginning in April 2012. The movement gained strength ultimately taking the city of Goma (population >1,000,000) on November 20, 2012. More than 140,000 citizens fled.

“We ran, jumping over dead bodies to escape. I have lost two of my children and do not know if they are alive. We ran and ran, coming to Uganda. In Congo there are many, many people living and hiding in the bush.”

“When I came to a place like Uganda, where women are not raped, when I see police or soldiers that do not rob or rape, it is a miracle.”

“Congo is totally out of order, there is no security.”

“Here, people walk around with our money. We are not afraid. At night we sleep without worry.”

“The peace here is amazing.”

Olivier has two children at the Rwamwanja Primary School. Both are being fed by Feed the Hungry at the school.

“In Congo we eat rice. In Rwamwanja we only have corn every day. When my kids got rice they were so happy. And we know it has many vitamins. My kids are so happy. Thank you.”