After losing her friend in the South Sudan war, Priscilla says she’s glad to put the trauma of the past behind her… and look forward with hope.

With a hot, nutritious meal each day at school, she can concentrate in class. Her health is better and her education has improved.

But she says there are more children than meals – so more help is urgently needed.

Hear from Priscilla

“We are thinking now about what will come in front. We have already forgotten the past. Because the past was so bad.”

~ Priscilla

Priscilla’s story

Forced to flee her home in South Sudan, Priscilla left behind the world she knew.

She arrived at a refugee settlement in Uganda with empty hands and a heavy heart. She had lost more than just possessions on the journey.

“We came from South Sudan when I was very young. I travelled with my mum,” she says. “It was so bad – we even lost some of our relatives. They shot them with guns because it was a war.”

Traumatised and struggling with grief, Priscilla and her family did their best to build a new life in a new nation. But many needs were difficult to meet in the refugee settlement – and the greatest was the lack of food.

Grateful for the opportunity to study at the local school, Priscilla eagerly attended class, but her best efforts were made much more difficult by the pain in her empty stomach.

“I like Uganda so much because when we came from South Sudan we never knew about studying. And I like studying very much!” she says.

“When there is no food, children will go home from school… we cannot manage to stay from morning to evening with nothing to eat. We are only children!”

So when generous friends like you provided hot, nutritious meals at the school through Feed The Hungry, those meals made a powerful difference in Priscilla’s life. Not only did her health improve, but the quality of her education jumped – because for the first time she was able to concentrate on the lessons.

“When we are in class and we have eaten, we are always satisfied,” she says. “We can concentrate on learning.”

And you can help feed a child like Priscilla today. Your gift of just $6 on Take Away Hunger Day will feed a hungry child at school for a whole month.

More than a meal, you’ll be helping provide children with an education and the opportunity to know God’s love!

And your support is urgently needed.

Priscilla says that there are more children than meals – and although the workers on the ground do their best to stretch the food to reach as many hungry children as possible, the need for more is critical.

“The children are very many here… from the other classes, nursery until high school, the population is very high.”

Like Priscilla, thousands of children wait in hope for the nutrition they need to grow up healthy, to actively participate in their education, and to build the skills they need to make their future bright.

Priscilla says she’s glad to leave the fear, hunger and trauma of the past behind her, and to look with hope to the full life that lies before her.

“We are thinking now about what will come in the future,” she says. “We have already forgotten the past, because the past was so bad.

“For the people who support Feed The Hungry, I appreciate you so much for giving us food. And I thank you so much. May God bless you!”