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Wendy Tatro

Wendy and her late husband, Russ, first learned of Dr. Sumrall while students at Rhema Bible Training Center (1983-85). He came and spoke but left the stage without finishing his message, something that stuck with Russ for the rest of his life.

When the Tatro’s were missionaries in Liberia, Russ was asked to do a TV interview with Dr. Sumrall. That was when he invited Dr. Sumrall to speak at their second Bible Training Center graduation. Russ and Dr. Sumrall went on to travel and speak internationally together. Russ admired Dr. Sumrall for his boldness, faith in God and His vision, and desire to sow into young ministers.

In the 90’s, during the civil war in Liberia and coup in Sierra Leone, Dr. Sumrall sent food and supplies to the Tatro’s. After Dr. Sumrall’s passing, the Tatro’s had a gap in partnership with Feed the Hungry. Russ passed in 2006 and Wendy continued working for the Lord.

In December 2018, Wendy attended a church dedication in Odessa, TX and met Chuck Strantz. Chuck shared with Wendy his relationship with Dr. Sumrall and that he had heard of Russ, then went on to encourage her to reconnect with Feed the Hungry.

The current partnership and feeding programs in Chad have opened up connections with the government there, who reaches out when communities are in dire need, as well as with the Muslim families.

Wendy’s long-term goal is to reach the more Muslim groups with the Gospel and establish a relief program among unreached people groups. Currently, they are feeding in schools that have predominantly Muslim students. Many of these students are having their hearts softened by the love and generosity of those who believe in Jesus.

One of the most impactful moments of Wendy’s ministry is seeing Muslims and Animists turn to God and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Educating those they serve, a lack of workers, and a lack of resources are a few problems Wendy and her ministry face. Currently her team maintains what they’re currently doing and desire to go into new areas and communities.

If food and God’s word was plentiful, the ministry could reach every child in Chad. Along with the proper finances and storage capacity, the potential would be unlimited.

About Chad

Country Statistics

  • Population: 18,523,165 (2023 est.)
  • Below the Poverty Line: 42.3% (2018 est.)
  • Life Expectancy: 59.57 years (2023 est.)
  • Literacy Rate: 22.3% (2016)
  • Human Development Index: 190/191 (2022)
  • Global Climate Risk Index: 130 (2019)

About the Children

  • Under the Age of 14: 46.24% (2023 est.)
  • Children under 5 Underweight: 29.2% (2019)
  • Average Years of Schooling: 2.5 years (2020)

Causes of Death

  • Hepatitis A and E, Typhoid Fever, Malaria, Dengue Fever.
  • Others include diarrheal diseases, water borne diseases, birth complications, respiratory diseases and rabies.

Winds, locust plagues, droughts, lack of clean water, food insecurity, soil and water pollution, and poor waste management all threaten the livelihood of Chad’s people.

Human trafficking is a major issue as well. These people are subjected to forced labor in sex work, domestic service, cattle herding, gold mining, charcoal vending, fishing, street vending and agriculture.

Terrorist groups abduct children and force them to serve as soldiers, suicide bombers, brides, and laborer’s

Chad is currently home to 593,591 refugees from Sudan, Central African Republic, Cameroon and Nigeria. (2023)

There are 381,289 displaced people. (2023)

Only 9% of the population has access to electricity.

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