Feed The Hungry must drill 8 fresh-water wells for refugees in Uganda at a total cost of $80,000. And there are so many reasons why these wells are important:

  • No one can survive for long without clean water.
  • Water is necessary for basic sanitation like washing hands and using sanitary latrines.
  • Many children don’t go to school because they must spend hours every day walking miles to fetch water for their family.
  • Temperatures in Uganda are often very hot, and it’s easy for children to become dangerously dehydrated.
  • Feed The Hungry needs water to cook the meals we provide for children there.

Help Feed The Hungry provide water for thirsty bodies and souls – and let thousands of helpless refugee children in Uganda know that a full life feels good.


UPDATE: Project costs reduced!

Pastor Solomon Mwesige has secured much better pricing for the multiple-well project through an Arua based driller. The driller and equipment are MUCH closer to the destinations and the project costs have been reduced from $80,000 down to $52,000. Praise God!

This has happened so quickly we were not able to update the information in the printed material, but this means that every donation you make today will stretch that much further. Every 65c you donate today will ensure 1 person will access to clean, fresh and safe drinking water!