Another life changed through the love and compassion

fthaust-post-dec18-Happy-Girls“They did not deal kindly with him,” sighed Mampe, our Program Director, as she explained Selo’s situation. At 17 years old, Selo was deported from South Africa to Lesotho, and the border guards did not treat him well, to say the least.

Selo is a kind and determined young man who loves to read and preach God’s Word. He was born in Lesotho but moved to South Africa as an infant with his mother, where she later abandoned him.

He was then raised by his grandmother in South Africa. When his grandmother died one of his teachers took him in. When he reached 11th grade, he could not provide residence documents―a legal requirement for enrolment in South African Grades 11 and 12. As a minor, he was abruptly deported to Lesotho. Rejected by relatives in Lesotho, the Ministry of Social Development brought him to Grandma’s House. After more than a year of sorting through the bureaucratic maze in Lesotho and South Africa we were able to get him a study permit to attend school in South Africa. Selo returned to South Africa to attend school and lives with one of his former teachers who believes in his potential.

Thanks to your generous support, we were able to help fulfil Selo’s dream of continuing his education with a family who cares for him. You also provided 43 students with school supplies, uniforms, new school shoes and/or tuition fees, tailored to the specific needs of each child. This program is an important step in breaking the family cycle of poverty for the orphans and vulnerable children in our programs.