uganda017Population: 37.58 million

Language: English and Swahili

Main Religions: Roman Catholic and Protestant

Poverty: 19.7% live below the poverty line

Over two-thirds of the workforce in Uganda is engaged in agriculture, and over 1.5 million live with AIDS. The infant mortality rate is another concern, as 60 Ugandan babies die for every 1,000 live births. Economic development is inhibited by corruption, unreliable power, high energy costs, and a lack of transportation. Instability in South Sudan is another risk, as Uganda is a key destination for Sudanese and Congolese refugees, which causes a burden on the economy.

Please pray:

  • For those living in poverty in Uganda, as they are most affected by the unstable economy
  • For the conflict in South Sudan and Congo, that peace will be restored
  • That Feed The Hungry will get the support it needs to not only continue, but also expand its programs in Uganda

Please prayerfully consider making a donation to help our work in Uganda continue to impact lives.

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