“I left South Sudan because my aunt and my parents were hunted by men whowanted to kill them,” says Violet.

Violet hid under a neighbour’s bed for three days before escaping.

Life as a refugee in Uganda was hard. But a nutritious meal at school brought her new hope.

“Receiving meals was the start of me being able to have dreams,” she says. “Now,I’m studying for the future.”

Violet’s story

Violet’s family was hiding at home when the compound filled with armed men. They hid under a bed in their neighbour’s house for three days before fleeing for their lives.

“I left South Sudan because my aunt and my parents were hunted by men who wanted to kill them,” says Violet.

“We lost our dad when we were still in South Sudan, so we came to Uganda with my mum. She later went back to Juba.”

When she crossed the border into Uganda, Violet was safe from the men who hunted her family. But the future still looked bleak. The shadow of the fighting in her homeland loomed over daily life.

Her father had been killed and many others in their settlement were grieving lost loved ones.

On top of that, the battle to meet their basic needs was relentless.

“In the refugee camp, it was difficult because we would go to school very early in the morning without eating,” she says. “You then have to study, then go back home late in the evening.”

But Violet was driven to attend school each day. She had a hunger to learn that enabled her to endure the physical hunger that made it so difficult to concentrate on what her teacher was saying.

“I want to study hard because I have a goal to achieve. I want to be an accountant and I want to be someone who helps the needy.”

And then, through the support of friends like you, Feed The Hungry was there, distributing healthy, nutritious meals to Violet and thousands of students like her.

And you can help feed a child like Violet today. Your gift of just $6 on Take Away Hunger Day will feed a hungry child at school for a whole month. More than a meal, you’ll be helping provide children with an education and the opportunity to know God’s love!

Because a hot, nutritious meal at school each day made a life-changing difference to Violet. The smell of cooking rice was the aroma of hope to her and her friends in the classroom.

“Receiving meals was the start of me being able to have dreams,” she says. “We had lost hope totally, thinking that maybe we wouldn’t prosper with the studies since the war was there. But now I’m studying for the future.”

Her improved health helped her to study harder and her work ethic shone. As the years passed, her grades continued to improve.

Today, Violet is studying at university. She is slowly building a new life after she lost everything she had known in the war. And it’s thanks to friends like you who enabled her to eat, grow and learn.

“I’m just saying thank you very much because without your help I wouldn’t be where I am!”