Your gifts are providing urgently needed food for more than 5,000 of the neediest children in Kitgum, Uganda. Many of these children are considered malnourished, some are HIV-positive, and most have no food at home.

Our partner organization in Kitgum, the Irene Gleeson Foundation, aims to provide each child with two meals a day, a school education and the gospel. The Foundation runs feeding programs in five local schools and says a number of the children they care for are orphans or abandoned. And at least half of the children in the program have no food for dinner.

With refugees arriving every day, the situation in Kitgum is becoming urgent. And sadly, because of increased demand, portion sizes are being reduced and some hungry children are missing out.

As part of our summer campaign, we are seeking to grow our feeding program in Kitgum so that every child who wants food receives it, and so the 3,000 children in greatest need can receive three meals each day.

Thank you for giving so generously so these children can continue to receive the blessings of food, care, and Christian love in Uganda.

Pray many friends respond this summer so that more children can know that a full life feels good!