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FTH Gift Catalogue now available

Gifts you will feel good about!

FTH Gift Catalogue now available

Gifts you will feel good about!

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Unique Charity Gifts


Give a piglet

What’s a farm without animals? You can give a piglet to this farming community for breeding or consuming. Pigs also provide a natural fertilizer for vegetable gardens.

Give a piglet $35


Give 2 chickens & a lifetime of nutritious eggs

Your gift of two chickens will help provide a steady supply of fresh chicken eggs to provide protein and other essential nutrients—and the sale of extra eggs will provide money for struggling families.

$25 provides two chickens


Give a chicken coup

This chicken coup will provide the people of this community with fresh eggs, and chicks, for selling and producing a sustainable and consistent income. The coup is raised off the ground so snakes and other pests can’t get in to the chickens.

Chicken coup $35


Give a water filtration bucket

Access to clean, fresh water is extremely difficult to find in many of the areas where Feed The Hungry works. Ground water can be purified from bacteria and made safe for drinking and cooking. The filter system is self-contained, affordable, and portable.

$40 provides 1 water filtration bucket


Give an Emergency Survival Kit

Emergency kits contains meal rations, a tarp, a flashlight, blankets, personal hygiene supplies, candles, matches, and a Bible. “When disaster strikes, we must respond quickly to save lives. Emergency Survival Kits are a vital part of that response.”

$40 provides a disaster response kit overseas.


Feed a refugee child for one year

Hundreds of thousands of innocent children are struggling for survival in squalid refugee camps after being driven from their homes by war or natural disasters. They need food now!

$72 feeds a refugee child for 1 year.


Give a Feed The Hungry bowl

Some refugee children don’t have their own bowl and are eating off anything they can find like dirty pieces of paper or cardboard found on the ground. This puts their health at risk. Give a Feed The Hungry bowl an make food safe to eat.

$30 provides 20 bowls


Give a school uniform

More than 700,000 children in Nicaragua can’t go to school because they don’t have the required uniform. Your gift to our Uniform Project will help poverty-stricken children get the education they need to build a bright future.

$30 provides a school uniform for 1 child.


Feel good when you give every month

As a Full Life Monthly Partner, you’ll provide lifesaving food to children who are orphaned or separated from their parents due to war, or to boys and girls whose families are simply struggling to survive.

$30 feeds 5 children each month.


Feed a child in the Philippines

You’ll not only provide daily food for children in Tondo, Philippines, but also get them out of the dangerous, life-sapping junk yards and back into school so they can get the education they need to build a better future.

$6 feeds 1 child in the Philippines for 1 month.


Give a large cooking pot set

To provide a continuous supply of nutritious food to refugee camps, we need the right tools. Please help our volunteers and school catering staff with appropriate catering equipment to feed hundreds of children everyday.

$35 provides 7 large cooking pots


Give a School it's own kitchen

Kitchens must be built and cooking supplies are needed to provide a continuous supply of nutritious food to refugee camps. Please help with a gift today to show these hurting boys and girls that a full life feels good.

$3,500 provides a complete kitchen.
$350 provides a share of a kitchen.


Give a seed pack for a farm

You can provide a farming community with seeds that will provide a harvest of crops, which will then produce more seed! These crops can be sold to buy more and different kinds of seeds for the next harvest.

Seed pack for a farm of 4 hectares $250


Give a fence for a farm

Give a fence for a 3 hectare farm, to keep out unwanted pests.

Fencing for a 3 hectare farm $750


Give a complete farm

You can now give a complete large, 6-10 hectare farm to a community in Zambia. This includes a watering hole, fencing and seed to sow!
The impact of giving a farm will have life-changing effects for the people of that community, providing them with a sustainable and consistent income.

Complete Farm $6,500
Give a share of a farm $650


Give a food storage container

Food storage containers protect valuable food supplies from being lost to weather or scavenging animals. Each 40-foot container holds 285,000 rations of rice and soy meals for hungry children.

$3,500 provides a complete container.
$350 provides a share of a container.


Give a truck

Many hungry children live in remote, isolated areas that are very difficult to reach, we need trucks that can transport large quantities of food and supplies into these hard-to-reach areas. Children’s lives and futures depend on them.

$25,000 provides a complete truck.
$2,500 provides a share of a cargo truck.


Give a pallet of food

You can send an entire pallet of lifesaving food for children who live in remote areas that can only be reached by one of our cargo trucks. Each pallet will feed 20 children for an entire year.

$450 provides one pallet.


Give a Well

Your gift today will help dig a well to provide a lifetime supply of fresh, life-giving water that is desperately needed for drinking, cooking, hygiene, and more.

$6,500 provides a complete well.
$650 provides a share of a well.


Give a bore hole & water pump

Do you have access to clean water? We hope the answer is yes! We want to provide the same to communities in Zambia.
You can help us achieve this by donating a bore hole to drill for water and a water pump which is placed on top of the drilled shaft to extract the water.

Bore hole & water pump $2,200
Give a share of a bore hole & water pump $220

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