A convenient and timely way to support God’s work

Electronic Fund Transfer is becoming a more routine part of our culture every day. It is regularly used for the payment of utility bills, insurance premiums or loan payments. Now Gift Direct allows LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry to receive electronic transfers of financial gifts from the bank accounts of interested donors. The Gift Direct program sets up an arrangement between Feed The Hungry and your bank so that each month on the same date, a predefined gift will be transferred from your checking or savings account to Feed The Hungry. This program provides several advantages for both you as a donor and for Feed The Hungry.


You no longer have to write checks, find the address, fill out the envelope, buy stamps, etc. The transfer is automatic from your checking or savings account.


Your gift is transferred at the same time every month and does not require you to remember to make the gift.


Electronic fund transfer through Gift Direct is very reliable and accurate. There are no checks or receipts to be lost, stolen, or delayed in the mail.


Since your bank statement will show the transfer, it saves Feed The Hungry the time and expense of printing, stuffing and mailing receipts each month. An annual receipt will be sent for tax purposes.

Join Gift Direct by downloading the application form below.

Print, complete, and mail it to LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry. Please include a voided check or savings deposit slip.

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