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Where We Serve

185,502 children

are now receiving hot, nutritious meals everyday in 19 countries around the globe through Feed The Hungry.
Children are supported through the orphanage support outreach EveryChild EveryDay
and its supporting program Take Away Hunger as of 6th February 2018



In addition to emergency relief efforts that bring aid to people caught in the grip of natural disaster, war, and endemic poverty, Feed The Hungry provides nutritional security to some of the most vulnerable children in the world. Through EveryChild EveryDay centres in twenty-one nations, thousands of children receive a hot meal prepared daily by our network of volunteers.

The guarantee of a daily meal gives these boys and girls a chance to get a primary education and gives them hope for a better, brighter future. And since these meals are delivered through local church partners the children also receive spiritual nourishment to help them grow in Christ.


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