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Violet is in 5th grade. She didn’t want to share her story at first, but she believes it will help others who need assistance. Violent soldiers armed with guns drove her out of her village in South Sudan. Here’s what she told us about her harrowing ordeal when we met her:

 [The soldiers] were shooting the guns…

We started crying in the house and were told to keep quiet…
they might get you here and kill you!

We just escaped from the house.

Violet escaped South Sudan with her life and made it to Kiryandongo refugee camp in Uganda, where she met Feed The Hungry.
She continues,

When Feed The Hungry came,
we thought that everything was going to be okay…

And now it is.

 Your support makes it possible to help kids like Violet know how good a full life feels.

Thank you!



Field Report Volume 18 Number 3
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