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Sending hope to Darfur

FTH has an extraordinary opportunity to bring Christ’s love to persecuted children and families in the heart of Islamic Africa – because for every $2 we receive, we can deliver $15 worth of life-saving food!

PROJECT GOALS FTH has set a goal to send 5 massive containers of food into the Darfur region of Sudan. These 5 containers represent 100 tons of food or 1,300,000 meals. A Muslim businessman has offered to donate in-country trucking to help us get food to his countrymen.

Our project goal is to cover the shipping costs of these five containers. This effectively means for every $100 we receive, we can partner together and send $750 worth of food.


In just four years, the horror of civil war: rape, torture, murder, and entire villages destroyed – has inflicted suffering on a staggering scale.

FTH has conducted multiple projects in this area and we’re ready to ship five more enormous containers of food – more than one million meals. You can help us answer an invitation to reach into this Muslim land with life-saving food, ministering hope and healing through the Gospel. Through a lifetime of pain, suffering and heartache the Sudanese people are looking for answers – and their hearts are open to the truth of Jesus Christ.


  • Suffered civil war under the economic, political and social domination from the Muslim North over the non-Arab South
  • Peacekeeping forces are struggling to stabilize the current situation in Darfur, West Sudan
  • One of the most tragic, most savage killing fields in the world
  • Burdened by wars and famine-related effects
  • 40% of the population remains at, or below the poverty level
  • 2 million deaths and 6 million people displaced over twenty years in Sudan
  • 400,000 deaths and 4 million displaced representing the Darfur region alone
  • Islamic stronghold of Africa
  • Sudan’s Constitution emphasizes the goal to become the most Islamic state in the world
  • 70% Sudan’s population is fundamentally Islamic
  • Christians only making up 5% of Africa’s largest nation


  • Secular Newspaper interviews FTH team member Chuck Strantz


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