With every hour that passes, the situation grows worse for tens of thousands of people who were driven from their homes by murderous ISIS terrorists. The need is so overwhelming we have increased our commitment our partners on the ground.  There is no way we can turn our back on the children and families fleeing ISIS terror… and I don’t think you can either. That’s why I am asking for your help to take on an additional $28,000 commitment by the end of this month to meet the demand for our help.

While it is hard for us to imagine as we go through the middle of our summer, winter is closing in on these traumatised, frightened refugees.  They’ve fled from Iraq into neighbouring Kurdistan to escape mass executions, rape and other unspeakable brutality. And they lack essential food like flour, beans, cooking oil and baby formula.

Many are vulnerable children who need our help to make it through the winter.  Hundreds are Christians who are praying for deliverance.  Had they not fled, they would have faced a terrifying choice: convert to Islam or die. I believe God is calling us to respond to their desperate need.  You and I can be the means through which He answers their prayers – we can be the arms of Jesus reaching out in love. And there couldn’t be a better time than now, as Christmas draws near.

With your help, our goal is to provide an additional 40 tonnes of essential, lifesaving food and other relief items to 30,000 children and adults over the next 30 days. Thousands of lives hang in the balance, and we must act quickly to save them.  Which is why I am asking you to please send a special gift today. It will cost $28,000 to deliver these critically needed items, including the baby formula, to those who urgently need them.

This means…
•    Your gift of $70 will provide 100 kilograms of urgently needed staples like wheat, beans and cooking oil.
•    A generous gift of $175 will provide a one-quarter tonne of essentials.
•    And very special gift of $350 will provide a half tonne of lifesaving aid for hurting men, women and children this Christmas.
Any amount will help save lives, mend broken hearts and restore hope to those who have had their lives turned upside down by unimaginable brutality.

One young Christian couple told us how the residents of their community in Iraq were forced to assemble in the town square to witness multiple beheadings.  They also said women were regularly rounded up, beaten and raped.  The couple eventually fled for Kurdistan, even though it meant leaving everything behind.  Running was their only hope of survival. Of course, our God can bring good out of anything – even terrorist brutality.  If there is any good to be found in the current crisis it is that, in Kurdistan, it is not a crime for a Muslim to convert to Christianity.

This gives us an unprecedented opportunity to reach hungry Muslim refugees with the Good News of salvation through Christ.

One of our contacts in Kurdistan reported that an entire Muslim family accepted Christ as a result of the help given in His name.  The Muslim father said, “Whatever motivates you to help us, I want to be part of it.” I believe this is happening again and again as suffering men, women and children see the love of God demonstrated in your caring acts of generosity. But thousands are desperately in need and, as I mentioned, their winter is setting in… which makes your gift today truly critical.

God will use your gift to touch the hearts of people who have suffered far more than most of us can even imagine.  So thank you for whatever you can give… whether it’s $70 to provide 100 kilograms of aid or $350 to provide a quarter tonne of supplies. I am grateful for your compassionate heart and for understanding the opportunity God is placing before us to be His hands and feet of love to those who are in truly desperate need. May we be found faithful.

Because a full life feels good,

Pete Sumrall

P.S.  Thank you for your display of compassion and love through your gift today and for praying for the suffering Iraqi families, which your gift will help support.  Pray they will know the love of God in a new and powerful way.