I am so excited to confirm that we reached our goal of feeding 100,000 children everyday by the end of December 2015. It’s amazing to think how much growth we experienced in 2014, especially considering we began the year feeding only 59,690 children everyday.

Having travelled to many of the countries with the FTH programs – it is always humbling to accept their grateful appreciation for healthy meals everyday. I always try to tell them, “I’m not the hero here”. The true heroes are the ordinary people from Australia & New Zealand who have come to the simple conclusion – “I have enough to spare so I can share with those who don’t”. You are the hero in this story.

Thank you for your continued and generous acts of kindness and mercy that Glorify God and affirm His love for a hurting world.

When looking ahead at 2015, FTH President Pete Sumrall, has urged us to stay focussed and continue our growth. Peter believes we can partner together to feed 125,000 by the end of 2015. This is a significant step forward — and a major commitment. Your generous support will help provide urgently needed food, plus:

  • Storage facilities to keep food safe and fresh. With so many children in desperate need of food, we can’t afford to lose even a few bites to spoilage.
  • Transportation to get the lifesaving food directly to communities where hungry children are waiting.
  • Additional staff to prepare the food and serve it to the children whose lives depend upon it.

In other words, you’ll help feed children now, and you’ll help build a strong foundation for future growth. We’ve calculated that we can feed a child for a month and achieve these goals and more for just $6. That means you could feed 5 boys and girls every month for just $30.

Please remember that any amount you give will help provide nutritious food for kids who will otherwise continue to suffer the injustice of hunger… that every dollar will help us show hungry children and families around the world that a full life feels good!

Feeding 125,000 children every day by the end of 2015 will be a big job. We earnestly covet your prayer for wisdom, direction, and guidance. Pray for our team in the field for strength, protection and favour. Pray for the miraculous multiplication of resources so that we can feed more hungry children than we expected, planned and budgeted. Pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Our partners on the ground in Kitgum, Northern Uganda, created this little video for you below. It’s the story of what it takes to feed 5,000 children every single day. Please take a few minutes to watch the story unfold – see with your own eyes how good a full life feels.

staff_ben007Voice for the Hungry

Benjamin Evans
FTH Director
Australia & New Zealand