Last week a team of 4 from our Feed The Hungry Offices around the world went to witness first-hand the devastation in Nepal and what we are doing there and how we are helping the victims of the earthquake. The following are pictures and parts of the report from the field by Gwyn from our UK office and Armanda from our Hong Kong office.

A few of the places visited: Nawal Parasi 180km to the South West of the Capital, Village of Somani, Village of Masahar, Khaireni, Rupandehl, Dhadgaun Village on the outskirts of Gorkha City and Village of Finam.


  • People still living in fear and frustration in an atmosphere of numbness not knowing where to start in rebuilding their lives
  • Aftershocks are still rocking the streets and storms are sweeping in at night
  • Families desperate for food
  • Families: “Before we were poor, now we have nothing.”

The need that was witnessed in these villages was great. Some of the people are known as the “untouchables” – a lower class of society who are considered nothing.

Feed The Hungry through our partner Ps. Reuben, has been going into these places and bringing along with them hope, in the form of food and Bibles, reminding them that they are not forgotten or “untouchable” to God.


The villagers were full of gratitude and amazement at the generosity of being given 25-30kg of rice along with dahl and salt. We are already hearing testimony of people asking “who is this God who gives so generously to us in our need?”

People are sleeping under tarps with home-made ropes, it’s a harsh environment and the monsoon rains will turn the clay soil into mud. The people are afraid of another earthquake.


Up in the Mountains of Gorkha, all 73 houses were destroyed.


“The earthquake has made the future very dark, but it’s nice to see the young children laughing and playing again.” –Gorkha Resident

In the Nuwakot Village a list was organised of 110 families in the area (700 men, women and children) but out of desperation another 30 families walked 10 miles having heard of the food distribution hoping for help. Another list of these families was organised of the extra families and another distribution will be arranged in the days to come. Walls of people were needed around the rice to bring order to the crowd.


There is still much to do as we ship containers with rice and beans from our US office.
The most urgent work is how to prepare those in tents to make it through the monsoon season.
People are desperate for food and help and Feed The Hungry is there on the ground bringing hope!

We can’t do it without your help.

Please consider making a donation to help us continue our work in Nepal. The need is great, but we can do it in Jesus name!