As we continue our efforts to bring food, aid and hope to the people of Nepal, here is an update on some statistics, what we’re actually doing there to help and how you can help us continue our work.

  • As of 6th of May, reports are that 7,675 people are confirmed dead and 16,392 are injured.
  • 284,455 homes have been destroyed and 234,102 homes have been damaged.
  • The level of damage is said to significantly increase with altitude, as almost all houses in Nepali villages are made of stone and mud plaster. Many families are living outside their homes in makeshift shelters.
  • Not only have many families lost their homes but their source of income through their farms being destroyed by the earthquake. They will need support for a while.
  • More than 3.5 million men, women and children remain in need of food assistance, with an estimated 1.4 million of the most affected people, needing immediate assistance.
  • Many press agencies have been reporting bottlenecks and legal road-blocks in the distribution of relief goods in Nepal. Thankfully Feed The Hungry continues to navigate through those obstacles and is able to get food to those who need it most.

Our Partner in Nepal Ps. Reuben Raili, has been conducting the food distribution, he writes:

“We have heard testimonies from people who have lost members of their families, and everything they own has been destroyed completely. Now, they do not have either food or a place to live. This earthquake has completely brought huge destruction upon Nepal.

We organised a relief distribution program in Naubise (Dhading) where more than 700 houses were completely destroyed and the majority of people have lost everything. They are now living in a field. I have seen thousands of people who are hungry in the last 4 – 5 days, and they have nothing.

The team and I are working hard to reach and help all victims so that they can receive New Life again. Thank You, partners, friends and supporters. Thank you for sending offerings for Nepali Earthquake Victims. Thank you for helping my people!”

Local Nepalese Television interviewed Ps. Reuben and his team of 25 people. The interviewer reported to their audience that Ps. Reuben’s distributions made them one of the biggest organisations actually helping people in the region. While other organisations are only able to give 3kg of rice per family, FTH was able to give ten times that – 30kg – enough rice to last a family a month.

Help us continue this good work in Nepal through Ps. Reuben and his team.

Please give generously so we can carry on bringing relief to the people of Nepal.