16/5/08 11.40pm

All is going well despite continued restrictions of the movement of foreigners like myself. I tried to travel to Dala this morning to visit 11 resettlement camps but were not able to travel. I found out later there was a cholera breakout and it contributed to the reasoning.

Locals from the church continue to be allowed access to these sort of areas, so the team was able to go without me. They took water purifiers with them to assist survivors with the Cholera breakout.

The senior pastor, a graduate from Dr. Sumrall’s bible college, just returned yesterday from that area in Dala. The Pastor was visiting one his church plants, and he came back with a report of two particular camps that were in great need without any visible outside support.

These camps are actually public schools converted into camps, but both schools had their roofs blown off as well… imagine putting displaced storm victims in a one story building with no roof!!!

I traveled with the church team to two other locations as well yesterday to continue their on-the-job training with the water purifying systems. The church has already distributed food, and other relief supplies here, and now we can finally add clean water.

While we were there purifying water for the 450 plus people staying at the school, it began to rain. The school has a drop ceiling (foam tiles) but no roof, so after about 10 minutes the water drops started dropping all over inside the building. Crazy.

LOTS of kids at the camps including young adults as well as the elderly. All are there because they lost their homes, possessions, and livelihood.

Food, water, and clothing are the main needs.

One lady I met, Tha Thing (pronounced Ta- Ting) is 93… about 3 feet 6 inches tall and weighs just 50 pounds. Even though she was soaking wet and all alone there with no family. She had a great attitude though and loved to dance.

FTH funds are continuing to purchasing rice, cooking oil, dried fish, salt, mosquito nets, and other relief items. We are working with local church partners in 17 sectors of Yangon Division (same as a province); distributing aid to 8,382 registered families (41,028 registered people) at this point.
Thanks & blessings,
Stefan Radelich

FTH International Director