Mrs. Kyin Myaing’s Story

Mrs. Kyin Myaing is a widow and lives with her son and five grandchildren.

Two grandchildren were born to her deceased son and they stay with her. Her son is a carpenter. Her daughter-in-law, now also a widow, is a daily wager and finds whatever job she can to support her children.

The storm destroyed Mrs. Kyin Myaing’s house and the family stayed in a monastery for a while. Later, they had to return to their place and live there. Whenever it is raining, they stay helpless under the rain, and could not sleep on rainy nights.

Now they moved to the house built with the help of F.G.A. relief team. They are so grateful to all those who have made it possible for them to have a new house. They used to live in bamboo house and could not even think of having a house like this one.

Mrs. Kyin Myaing and her family, South Dagon-140 (0501)

Mr. San Win’s Story

Mr. San Win is a daily wager and has five children. He lives in South Dagon-140 ward in a shanty area. He is struggling to meet the needs of a big family with his meager income.

When the cyclone hit, his shabby house was totally destroyed and the poor family has no place to stay. He and his family had lived with a neighbor’s family who took pity on them for two months. With his poor income, which is not enough even for their daily survival, it is absolutely impossible for him to build a new house for his family.

They have now moved to a new house built by F.G.A relief team. Now the children feel secured in their new home. They shared their heart felt thanks to the area pastor and F.G.A team for being so kind and helpful in their desperate situation.

They said they are able to start their lives again because of the love and concern of many people who care.

Mr. San Win and family in their new house, South Dagon-140

Mrs. Than Nwe’s story

Mrs. Than Nwe is a widow and lives in South Dagon-140 (0501) with her granddaughter. The granddaughter is a government servant but her small salary is not sufficient for the two persons. They barely survived their lives in the increasing price of food and other essentials even before the storm.

Their house collapsed under the strong storm as the house made of thatch and bamboo could not stand the cyclone. They were in great difficulty to face their lives after the Nargis. They lived under the temporary shelter which they made with whatever is left from their old house.

F.G.A team built a house for them. They are so grateful to the donors and said that they live in a better house than they used to live before and said that it is like a dream for them. They express their appreciation to those who provide for their house.

Mrs. Than Nwe in her new house, South Dagon-140

Mrs. Wah’s story

Mrs. Wah earns her living by selling charcoal which she collected from those charcoals dropped from the charcoal bags as the porters carry charcoal bags on ships. She has two small children.

When the cyclone hit their area, their shabby house collapsed under the heavy rain and storm. When the storm subsided, the whole family is saved but they lost all they have. Since they had no place to stay, they took shelter in a primary school building.

F.G.A team built a house for them and they have now moved to their new home. They said this is the first time that they ever live in a good house made of timber and tin roof. Their old home was a small one made of bamboo with thatch roof.

They said that they could not even express enough their sincere thanks to all the donors who provide them with such a good house.

Mrs. Wah and her two children with the area pastor in front of their new house, Seik Gyi