National Disaster

– Cyclone Nargis

– Category 4 Cyclone

– Devastates Myanmar (Burma) May 3rd

Official Death Toll

– 77,738 as of 20/5/08

– 55,917 missing

– 100,000 patients treated 18/5/08


Population appeared to have been unprotected, and unprepared for impending disaster exaggerating the destructive capacity.

Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar on 2 and 3 May 2008, making landfall in the Ayeyarwady Division and hitting the former capital, Yangon.

Of 37 townships affected by the cyclone, 15 are considered to be ‘worst-affected’.

Current estimates suggest that 2.4 million people were affected. 1.3 million people are estimated to have been reached so far by International NGOs, the Red Cross and the UN.

Official figures as of 16th May state that 77,738 people have been killed and 55,917 remain missing.

FTH Updates

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22/7/08 – True Stories – Families say thank you for new homes

Our church partners sent a brief report on some of the families that have already moved into their new homes.

Most are overwhelmed to move into a home better than they had before.

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2/7/08 – ANZAC Field Report Released – Myanmar

Myanmar Catastrophe

Over 130,000 killed or missing.

FTH rushes to partner with local Myanmese church to bring emergency food and relief items into this devestated country.

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6/6/08 – Souls Saved! People Fed! Homes Provided!

Our Pastor on the ground emailed us last week to joyfully inform us that many people have given their hearts to the Lord, and that the central church building is more full than it’s ever been.

Over two weeks, 275 people have accepted Christ.

Our logistics coordinators on the ground are estimating that perhaps 20% of total aid being distributed in Myanmar is through our church partners.

2/6/08 – Myanmar Catastrophe – Logistics Update

Every second day, FTH relief partners on the ground, are purifying 1800 litres of pond water, into clean drinking water thanks to 4 portable water purifiers.

They have distributed 3000 bags of rice to 40,000 families. Our partners are gaining more access into the Delta region where most of the deaths and destruction occurred and more food and relief supplies are being prepared as we speak.

A medical team of six doctors, eight nurses and six pharmacists are treating over 200 patients every day.

250 church families had lost their homes in the Cyclone and have been prioritized for first phase of home construction. We’re glad to report that 31 new homes have already completed. 58 more are under construction thanks to the donations provided by partners and friends of FTH. You can help the remaining 170 families get out of the rain and into homes by making a donation today.

Although areas close to the capital Yangon are returning to normal quickly, the Delta region remains in an emergency phase.

“The condition of people in the IDP camps in delta is getting worse, refugees are trying to flee into the forest, begging for food and cloths etc.”

22/5/08 – Senior Pastor sends Appreciation and Thank you

“Thank you once again for your support, your prayers and your concern. It is greatly appreciated and is a real encouragement to us here.

Thank you for all your help. Keep praying for us here. God Bless.”

21/5/08 11.32am – Myanmar Disaster Relief Update – Distribution Update

We have discovered 200 families that need temporary residences. They had been staying in public schools, but the Government is telling the schools to reopen for education, and the families need to leave.

21/5/08 3.28am – Myanmar Disaster Relief Update – Distribution Update

As of today, our partner church in Yangon has distributed food and relief items to 60,000 people. New avenues of distribution continue to open up allowing us to make deliveries of emergency rations to survivors in the Boogale region in the Delta.