Through the gifts and prayers of friends like you, thousands of hungry children, families, and seniors receive food every week – letting them know that a full life feels good!

outreach1Dr. Carson, our partner at The Life Church in Memphis, says the poverty in his home state can at times be shocking. He shares,

“There are local children who come to school on Monday, wearing the same clothes that haven’t been washed, and having eaten just one breakfast pastry the entire weekend.”

With your help, The Life Church works with six different elementary schools in North Memphis, providing weekend groceries for over 2,600 hungry children. And team members love being able to greet the kids with big smiles and words of encouragement as they hand out the food bags.

At one elementary school, Dr. Carson says that one of the classrooms had a list on its door—50 things the children loved most about their school.

“And we were number 7,” Dr. Carson shares. “We were actually ahead of lunch… so it spoke volumes to us that we’re not just bringing food. [The children] see us as a light, an encouragement, as people who really long to see them succeed and improve in their life.”

Article-1This is your love in action. And we thank you for helping many hungry people in Memphis know that a full life feels good.

May God bless you for everything you do to bring food and hope to many who desperately need it!