Profile: Jean-Pierre Rummens
Position: Director of Feed The Hungry Germany (1991 – Present)

Driven by the Vision of Feed The Hungry and the goals that have yet to be reached, JP considers the most rewarding aspect of his role is seeing people getting better health wise, and seeing many getting saved.

Having travelled to over 30 countries for Feed The Hungry, including: Cambodia, Haiti, Nepal, North Korea and Pakistan. Jean Pierre has countless stories from the field, but the following has a special place in his heart.

JP 004“We met little Joe in Nimule (Pictured) in South Sudan during the war. He lost his mother during childbirth. A neighbour took care of him with dirty water from the river and a few drops of lemon juice. She took him to our camp and asked us to save his life. There was a doctor in the camp, and he told us it was too late and the boy had no chance to survive, and told us not to spend any time or money on him.

But we did anyway, the team took him to an old barn that the locals called a “hospital” where a doctor stuck an already used (multiple times) needle into Joe’s arm. I told the Doctor to do his job and we will do ours, which was to pray. That’s what we did. I went to the hospital every night after returning from food distribution in the area. One day we took a 4WD and drove to the border to Uganda to get Joe some baby formula. About a week later the doctor told us that little Joe would make it.

Everything we did, the hospital bill, the medicine, the baby food etc. All together was no more than $20.00. This has stuck with me till today, because it reminds me how easy it is and how little it takes to save a life.”

Regional Fundraiser for: Austria & Switzerland

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