While she was pregnant, Timothy’s mother and grandparents joined the hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They had no food or water, and no family or friends to help them.

Pastor Solomon, from Feed The Hungry’s partner organization Good News Ministry, found them and went to get help for Timothy’s mother. Unfortunately, while Pastor Solomon was gone, Timothy’s mother gave birth to him in a forest – and died soon after.

Timothy and his grandparents were helpless; there was not enough food to provide for a newborn baby.

But Pastor Solomon was able to provide food and assistance through Feed The Hungry, thanks to the generosity of our supporters!

Although Timothy’s grandparents live in terrible conditions, they now have a hope for a better future for their precious grandchild. Please pray for them and know that your own generosity can make a lifesaving difference for many more children like Timothy in Uganda and everywhere that children are hungry.