Every Child Every DayAs part of our 2014 goal to see 100,000 children fed every day, Feed The Hungry has introduced the Every Child Every Day program, which provides nutritious daily meals to thousands of children in many of the world’s least developed nations.

It only takes $6 to feed a child for a month through Every Child Every Day, making the program one of the most effective ways to support hungry kids across the world. Not only does Every Child Every Day provide food, it also helps boys and girls get an education, giving them hope for better, brighter futures.

Through our daily feeding programs and network of local pastor and church partnerships, Every Child Every Day also helps us provide spiritual nourishment to these children, their families, and communities—letting them know how good a full life feels!

We are very excited about this opportunity to see 100,000 kids being fed each day through our work together. Your regular monthly support of Every Child Every Day will give us the confidence to know we can continue providing for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of children, including those in the countries below.

Thank you for being there for these children who need to know just how a full life feels. Your monthly support through Every Child Every Day will mean so much to those who have so little, and will help us provide them with food for today, and hope for tomorrow.

Every Child Every Day Partners help kids in these countries know that a full life feels good!

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