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Cathedral of Praise

Aleth Gonzales Carls

Cathedral of Praise was the first official partner of Feed the Hungry in 1988, starting with disaster relief. In 2007, the first Every Child Every Day program began in the Philipinnes in the Happyland Slum.

Happyland slum was once the city dump. The people who live there are living on top of one another in old warehouses. The program there started by simply providing breakfast to the area children, lowering the rate of malnourishment and allowing them to be healthier and more energised.

The food being provided by Feed the Hungry has helped strengthen the bodies of the children they serve. They’ve seen children recover quickly from undiagnosed diseases, be able to walk again, and have a new love for school. Rarely do children in the feeding program get sick. The ministry is instrumental in changing the life of one child, one family, one community at a time.

Cathedral of Praise has been able to open many churches in the slums of the Philippines. They also have been able to start a medical clinic for the people in the area, providing them medical care that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.
During the Covid-19 lockdowns, the ministry was still able to help the families in the community.

The long-term goal they have is for their operation to grow and spread into different parts of the Philippines.

One challenge that the ministry faces is developing recipes to make the food more appealing to the children. By finding new recipes, they avoid taste fatigue from the children.

Dr. David Sumrall has been active in the ministry in the Philippines; carrying sacks of rice, boxes of food, never standing at the sidelines.

If food and God’s word was plentiful, the ministry would be able to reach hundreds of thousands more. They always have a need for more churches to partner with and workers who will commit their time to the ministry.

About Philippines

Country Statistics

  • Population: 116,434,200 (2023 est.)
  • Below the Poverty Line: 16.7% (2018 est.)
  • Life Expectancy: 70.48 years (2023 est.)
  • Literacy Rate: 96.3% (2019)
  • Human Development Index: 116/191 (2022)
  • Global Climate Risk Index: 17 (2019)

About the Children

  • Under the Age of 14: 30.49% (2023 est.)
  • Children under 5 Underweight: 19.1% (2018)
  • Average Years of Schooling: 9.4 years (2020)

Causes of Death

  • Hepatitis A, Typhoid Fever, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Polio.
  • Others include diarrhoeal diseases, water borne diseases, and birth complications.

Air and water pollution, deforestation, illegal mining and logging, and coral reef degradation all threaten the livelihood of the Philippines.

There are 108,000 displaced people in the Philippines. These are people who have been affected by war, clan feuds, armed attacks, and political violence. (2023)

Major methamphetamine and ecstasy producer.

Recent Field Reports