Ukraine War
Refugee Support

We help in Ukraine

Dear friend, sister, brother, yes, Feed The Hungry Czech and Feed The Hungry Slovakia are providing help to refugees from the Ukraine War.

We are helping Pastor Yan in Odessa, who has set up a kitchen and accommodation for dozens of people trying to get out of the country via Odessa. We also help Pastor Michal in Bydgoszcz, Poland, where pastors Iryna and Andrey from Kiev arrive today, along with dozens of people from their church. We are further expanding the assistance.

For a start, we try to provide accommodation, a mattress and a blanket and basic food for the first week.

Thank you for your support of compassion for these people, who are driven out of their homes, from their jobs and schools, from other members of their families. Please pray with us.

Every gift makes sense and helps. Thank you!

Daniel Skokan,
FTH Director Czech Republic