Take Away Hunger Today!

Help vulnerable children like Maria build a new future!

Maria fled to Uganda to escape the war in South Sudan, running from the shooting with her parents and siblings.

She says she was one of the lucky ones who made it out with her life. Her friend did not.

“We were the same age,” the 15-year-old says softly. “When she was trying to move … war was there. She died in that war.” There was no war in the Ugandan refugee settlements. But Maria and her family faced a new enemy there – hunger. A second meal per day was a luxury. There were many days when she ate nothing at all.

Despite her hunger, Maria did her best to concentrate in class. She knew that education held the key to building a new future.

“In South Sudan, I didn’t go to school. I was not knowing anything,” she says. “But when I came here, they taught me how to speak English and how to write.”

With the help of friends like you, Maria became one of thousands of hungry refugee children to receive a hot, nutritious meal each day at her school through Feed The Hungry – a global organisation committed to fighting hunger and helping the most vulnerable to live a full life.

And your generous, tax-deductible support through Feed The Hungry can help more children like Maria receive the nutritious food they need to thrive.

A hot, nutritious meal at school changes everything for Maria. She explains the difference between hunger and a hot meal in her life, saying:

“When I feel hungry, I feel like I don’t talk to anyone because … I have no energy. But when I eat … I will be telling the teacher the answers because I’m very strong now!”

Just $6 feeds a child like Maria for a whole month at school. More than a meal, you’re providing a future!