Someone promised us
One Million Meals Free for Chad


As of 11th June 2020, the generous match of $30,000 has been fully utilised, but the people of Chad still need your help. Your tax deductible gift at this time will help feed hungry children in our newest project.

Every $1 will feed 5 children a healthy and nutritious meal.

Please prayerfully consider supporting this appeal and give as generously as you can.

Benjamin Evans
FTH Director


One million meals have been freely given! All we have to do is send it. Normally we could ship enough food to feed 5 children for just one dollar. But some FTH friends got so excited about this opportunity, they offered to partner with you, and match every dollar you send with a dollar of their own! That means every $1 you send ships twice as much food as before.

Instead of feeding 5 children for $1, you now feed 10.

Now it is time to ship the second container to Chad. Will you please take advantage of this opportunity to ship so much food for so little to a place where it’s needed the most?

$1 feeds 10 children. $10 feeds 100 children. $100 will feed 1,000 children.

Please be part of this urgent work.