Send More Trucks To Karamoja!

Photo of a mother and three children in Karamoja
Photo of a group of people unloading a truck full of food supplies in white sacks with the orange Feed The Hungry East Africa logo. Focused and in centre is one Karamoja local holding two sacks in both arms and grinning broadly as they take it away.

It’s hard to imagine… but in remote Uganda owning cattle is life-threatening. Struggling farmers have become targets for violent robbery. The situation is so extreme, that families are dying from hunger.

Pastor Solomon says: “Everything that would help them survive has been taken away… They must have food… You cannot believe… how bad it is.”

Can you help farming families in Karamoja battling to survive a severe hunger crisis in one of Uganda’s poorest and most lawless regions?

For $1 you will deliver enough food to feed FIVE PEOPLE FOR A DAY.
$30 will keep them alive and growing stronger for a month.