Help fill “the least of these” with hope!
Thank you for supporting the mission of
Feed The Hungry

Your gift today is urgently needed to help transform the lives of 20,000 love-starved children like Manuel.

Growing up on a garbage dump in a Nicaraguan slum, Manuel struggled to survive, scrounging through the rotting rubbish. He grew up believing that he himself was no more valuable than the garbage he had to dig through day after day.

But everything changed when friends like you started bringing him a warm meal daily through Feed The Hungry’s Every Child Every Day feeding program.

Thanks to generous supporters like you, Manuel was able to go away to a three-day camp with Feed The Hungry. That meant he could escape the garbage dump and be immersed in warm Christian fellowship, where he discovered his true worth in Christ.

At the end of that camp that friends like you made possible, Manuel shared:

“God did something amazing in my life. God removed the lie that I was worthless. Now I feel and know that I am worth more than anything to God.”

So, please give generously today to help feed 20,000 children who feel the least loved, so they can know a full life in Jesus.

We must do all we can – especially as Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:37–40 (MSG):

“Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me – you did it to me.”

Thank you for giving generously today to help show Jesus’ love to the world’s least loved children.