Give us this day our daily bread

This Field Report brought you information on how exactly your donation provides life-saving meals to hungry children. These rice meals are accompanied with fortified vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and soy to keep them nourished and help them grow!

$6 is enough to provide enough meals to feed a child for a whole month!

We provided a summary of Take Away Hunger Day this year!

Thanks to our friends at their radio stations and the generosity of our donors, we smashed through our goal of feeding 100,000 hungry, refugee children in Uganda for a full month, reaching to over 147,000!

A graphic of a thermometer bursting out the top, the measurements building up to 100,000. A prominent speech bubble to the side reads "147,403 children fed... and counting" and a smaller speech bubble reading "we exceeded our goal 90 mins ahead of schedule".

We also have some short testimonies from some of the children who will receive these meals in Uganda. We deliver food to 25 countries around the world, because we believe in helping where it’s needed most. A full life feels good.

Read Field Report 2023 / Volume 27 / Issue 2