Give hungry children like Esther
much more than a meal

At just 14 years of age, Esther has already suffered horrific trauma, loss and hardship. While fleeing war in South Sudan, she witnessed her father being killed, and was separated from her mother.

She’s now at a refugee camp with her uncle in Uganda, where Feed The Hungry has teams on the ground to help save those whose lives hang in the balance. But Esther is just one of countless children whose lives have been devastated by war in South Sudan.

That’s why we need your support to reach 15,000 more hungry children by 30 June – so they can have hope for the future and live a truly full life.

And make no mistake – what you’ll give is more than just a meal.

You’ll give a hungry child an education. You’ll tell them about Jesus. You’ll give them the nourishment they need daily to be healthy and productive. And by giving them this, you’ll give them the hope of a whole new future.

So, thank you for your generous gift below to help other children like Esther have a chance to live a full life.