The door is now open

One of the saddest places on earth is Afghanistan. Anyone who knows this place aches for the 40 million people living there in violence and poverty.

Half of the people live on $1 a day. One million children are stunted from starvation. A person desperate for money to feed their family will even sell their own kidney. Many suffer from careless surgery and never heal right.

Starvation and violence will only get worse in the coming months. But right now, the door is open to deliver ONE MILLION MEALS into the hands of trusted friends who will get it to the families in need.

Every $1 you send delivers enough food to feed a person healthy meals for FIVE days. Or, for $600 you could feed a whole village of 100 people for a month.

With your help, we hope to deliver one million meals in the months ahead. After that, we pray we have the funds to send another million, and more, as long as the door remains open.