Afghanistan Crisis
Help Send Emergency Aid
to Refugees fleeing the Taliban

The Taliban has seized control of Afghanistan, causing hundreds of thousands of people to leave their possessions behind and flee for their lives. An estimated 500,000 Afghans, mostly women and children, have been displaced and are on the run. Many fled to the capital, Kabul, before it fell to the Taliban on Sunday, August 15th. Others have fled to neighbouring countries.

Refugees are sleeping out in the open with no shelter, and little food or water. Feed The Hungry is working with Afghan and regional partners who are remaining steadfast in the midst of this crisis.

Every $50 received will provide emergency food and water for one refugee for a month.

Our mission partners are moving quickly to find ways to help the most vulnerable, particularly Christian converts and displaced women and children.

The greatest need right now is getting food and water to Afghans who have left everything behind.

The situation is dire, but you can deliver hope and the true love of Christ by a simple gift.