Dear Friend,

Each time I talk to our staff on the ground in Uganda, I feel equally challenged and encouraged by the refugee crisis there.

Uganda is already a young country, one in which the population’s median age is only 15.5 years old. Of the children under five years old, over 14 per cent are considered to be underweight.

Now, with thousands of children pouring into Uganda’s refugee communities from South Sudan and the Congo, there’s even more strain on the country’s economic resources, and it means even more empty bellies.

My heart hurts for the pain and suffering that so many of these children have already endured in their short lives—girls and boys like Gloria and Datluak, young Sudanese refugees who arrived in Uganda with no food and no support system (see their stories on page 2). They were torn from their families and they’ve seen things no child should ever have to see.

I so feel their pain, but I’m also grateful for what your support has done for them. I celebrate the fact that we are giving them an example of Christ’s love alongside a daily meal and an education.

I celebrate the fact that we are doing the same for 20,000 other children in Uganda—and another 7,000 if we’re able to hit our $126,000 goal to continue feeding them for the remainder of the year.

When I think about Uganda, I don’t just see a country in need. I also see a country with incredible potential for Jesus’ message of hope and forgiveness to prevail and I’m so grateful for your support, which is helping to make this happen!

So when you hear about the refugee crisis or see something on the news about Uganda—or even when you and your family sit down to enjoy a meal together during the Christmas season—I invite you to say a prayer for all those affected by war and conflict.

Pray that God will use your gifts and prayers to minister to as many child refugees as possible and pray that Christ’s love will be a source of hope in their lives as a result.

Because a full life feels good,

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