Pastor Solomon serving food in Karamoja

Not long ago, Karamoja was a lost, dying region in Northeast Uganda. Famine ravaged the people, killing the young and elderly.

We are happy to report that Pastor Solomon (pictured) is in Karamoja again, distributing another 28 tonnes of maize and beans to hurting people as the onset of famine still looms.

In addition to providing food, they are sharing the Gospel, praying and comforting the afflicted in every village they enter. With hunger gone, the children are now beginning to smile and even play.

But there is even more good news. God is blessing this land with desperately needed rain! The sorghum seed purchased by Feed The Hungry, enough to plant 1200 acres, is going into the ground. Please continue to pray that the rain keeps coming through the planting and growing season, ending the drought and short-circuiting the famine. Thank you!

Those able to find scraps of food were living day to day, too weak to dream of a future … or even a tomorrow. The future of Karamoja was beyond bleak, until faithful supporters of Feed The Hungry decided something needed to be done!

Nutritious food started to arrive through church partners, and life began to change. Children started to become healthier, and stronger. A church was built, allowing a place for people to receive food, education and the Gospel. Karamoja is now growing, and the children see the opportunity for a bright future!

“We found these twins and their mother almost dying over a month ago. Now, here they are after receiving the food you sent.“

Pastor Solomon

Thank you for feeding the children of Karamoja. Your support is saving lives … physically, mentally and spiritually. Starvation takes away everything from a person, especially a child.

But now, with bellies full of nutritious food, they are able to get an education and hear the Gospel. You are making a big difference in children’s lives, bringing much joy! God bless you for your generosity!