With your help we surpassed our goal!

A graphic of a thermometer bursting out the top, the measurements building up to 100,000. A prominent speech bubble to the side reads "147,403 children fed... and counting" and a smaller speech bubble reading "we exceeded our goal 90 mins ahead of schedule".

Congratulations! Look what you helped achieve…

You’ll be thrilled to hear that with your generous support, the Take Away Hunger Day goal to feed 100,000 refugee children in Uganda has not only been met – it’s been surpassed!

As friends like you all across the nation rallied together with your local Christian radio station, support flooded in to feed a total of 147,403 children! It is truly a testament to God’s grace and the incredible impact that your contribution can have as we join together to make a difference in the lives of these children.

Your generous contribution will go a long way in providing more than just a meal. You’re giving vulnerable children hope for a brighter future. Through your partnership to provide these nutritious meals at school, children will receive the nourishment their bodies need, plus a chance to get an education and hear how much Jesus loves them.

Thank you again for opening your heart and your hand to help take away hunger and fill these children with hope!

Want to know more about Take Away Hunger Day?

While Take Away Hunger Day is over this year, hunger is still a problem for refugee children in Uganda.

You can make sure they receive a nutritious meal for a whole month.